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We’ve received your application and will now assess your eligibility to participate in the GoodGrid Program.
We’ll be in touch soon with more details and to confirm if you are able to participate in the GoodGrid Program.

In the meantime, start to think about how you might reduce your energy usage.  We’ll be in touch soon with more details as well as, how and when to work towards reducing your energy usage.

Aside from reducing your electricity bills, your efforts will help stabilise Victoria’s electricity use and help prevent potential power outages.
Days of extreme temperatures often cause a dramatic increase in electricity use across the state as people turn up their air conditioners and other appliances during the hot weather.
On these days, you can contribute by implementing some of the below tips at home:

* Keep blinds and curtains closed to block out heat;
* Try opening your doors and windows to cool the house at night, rather than running the air conditioner constantly;
* Seal any gaps in windows and doors to keep the heat out;
* Keep your air conditioner thermostat at 26 degrees, this will still cool your home but won’t use as much electricity;
* Turn any non-essential items off such as air conditioners, televisions and lights when you leave a room;
* Turn off appliances at the power point to reduce the use of stand-by power;
* Keep air conditioner filters clean to allow them to operate more efficiently; and
* Turn on the fan instead of the air conditioner if you can.
We’re not asking everyone to follow these energy saving tips, especially elderly people, households with young children or people who are ill.  Consider your situation when deciding whether you can implement these tips.

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