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GoodGrid Program

At AusNet Services, we do everything we can to keep power flowing. 

On a few days each year, our network experiences peak demand - the period when electricity use is at its highest. In most cases, this peak occurs on hot days, and usually only for a few hours in the late afternoon or evening, when air-conditioners are being used.

We manage demand in many ways such as upgrading our transformers and powerlines, to increase the overall capacity of our network. We also work with residents, businesses, schools and local communities to manage power demand peaks together as part of our GoodGrid Program.

Customers who participate in our GoodGrid program use less power during a few flagged peak periods over the summer. This helps ensure a safe and reliable power supply during peak times for all customers.

Find out more about the customers who participate in our GoodGrid program and if you are eligible to get involved.

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